You’re engaged! yay!  You start planning your dream wedding! yay! Then the “B” word comes up and no I am not talking about Bridezilla…..Budget. Boo!  Unfortunately the majority of us have a Budget and working within that budget with all of the amazing ideas on Pinterest can be tough.  Most Brides who are on a Budget think that looking at a boutique for a wedding dress is out of the question and they make the dreadful trek to one of the big box stores because they assume that is the only place they will be able to shop if they don’t want to spend $3,000+ on a gown.  So not true!  I absolutely love when I hear brides exclaim, “I never thought I would be able to afford a gown here!” or “I can’t believe how reasonably priced your dresses are!”

We work very hard to have gowns in all price ranges and we work even harder to find gowns that do not sacrifice quality for cost.  Below are some of our favorite gowns that are $1,000 or under.  And these are not off the rack prices, these are order brand new just for you prices! 

Budget can be beautiful if you know where to shop.